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Re: dipe game-click ;)

1) Is this 200 to buy just NIGHT diapers, or anything I want for a whole stash? Will answer when it is clarified.
2) BG freetime with Little weeds Hemp doubler.
3) 24 Alva newborns, I loved these on my 7.7lb girl! + 5 packs of Kushies cotton doublers for age 3 months and up and nights. - and Walmart for the Kushies
4) 24 Alva pockets, 2 Alva pail liners, 2 Alva wetbags.
5)3 3 packs of snap SuperUndies = $150
6) 2 small shorties, 1 med. shortie, 2 med. longies, 2 large shorties, 1 large longies all hand knit by MIL $60 wool from Micheals w/ 50% coupon.
Thirsties fab fitteds: 14 size 1, 13 size 2 (
7) Babyland pockets (fit my girl at 8lbs, fit *barely, but no leaks* my nephew at 2.5 yrs) $2 each on Ebay (with some stalking) In a couple months when I got more money I would buy a pack of Alva bamboo inserts to go with them.
8) I don't really know what constitutes "Hard to find" but these are listed as "Hard to find" so they should count.
9) 10 Flour sack towels from Walmart $11, and 3 size 2 Rearz fitteds, = $50 exactly
10) WHAM stash = Cat Butt Diapers (ME! LOL) I would make 3 Small covers, 2 Med. covers, 1 large cover (only if needed). And diaper flannel daddy flats, 12 small and 18 med/lrg. Fabric purchased at Fabric Land on half price day.
Mommy to a miracle baby, Louise.

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