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Thread Responses/PM's? (Not being answered)

Someone had made a post in the FSS thread that I was interested in. I am still pretty new and couldn't PM at that point. I commented in the thread (since I was able to comment), and once I hit PM-status I also sent her up a follow-up PM.

I also went back and added a "PS" to the bottom of my original post noting that I had PM'ed her.

I sent the message January 1, and it says it was "read" about 10 minutes after I sent it. I still have heard nothing back from her in any way, nor has she updated her post.

Because I'm so new, is that reason to ignore my interest? Or could it really just be that she didn't notice the message and it got overlooked or something? Is there anything more to do than just wait? Is that something I can/should leave negative feedback on? (I'm considering it because I'm at a loss of what to do and it seems like she's had 5 days to respond and hasn't even acknowledged she got the message).

Posting here because I really don't know what else to do and don't to leave negative feedback without at least hearing SOMETHING from this person...


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