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Re: Best pregnancy/L&D/post partum advice youve gotten?

Originally Posted by AniMommy View Post
Listen to others' tips and tricks. Give it a try, but always always listen to your gut. If it doesn't seem right, move on! Don't make yourself miserable trying to do something that doesn't work for you. A happy baby is made by a happy mama.

No matter what, you're the best mama. There are no absolutes to parenting. Don't let the judgments of others make you feel bad. And don't judge yourself against the standards of others. Like if breast feeding doesn't work out for you and your baby, it's okay. Being a mama is not a competition.
This. Totally this 100%

Do not drive yourself crazy or let yourself slip into depression like I did struggling to do things a certain way, be flexible and understand that at the end of the day, your baby will be fine and just as smart and healthy as all the other kids.

I struggled and struggled to breastfeed DS1, we had lactation consultants helping and things still just did not work out. It was a disaster from day 1. We finally switched to formula and the difference was night and day. I was so depressed and felt like the biggest failure ever because I couldn't breastfeed him. It. was. awful! I thought he would be this sickly little undernurished not as intelligent kid because he wasn't getting breastmilk. But you know what, even his ped commented that he was healthier than her own DD who is about 4 months older than DS and her baby was 100% breastfed! He is very smart, very healthy, and very active. I seriously was allowing myself to become clinically depressed over this. Do not make that mistake, on anything, not just breastfeeding. I bring that one up in particular because it is something I would have never expected from myself, but that maternal instinct kicks in and when it just doesn't work out successfully, it's hard to not feel like a failure as a mother because you can't even successfully feed your own child.
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