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Re: So whats the big deal with making sure babies gender conform?

I don't care for the most part when it comes to clothes. When my kids start forming an opinion, there isn't anything I'll say no to based on gender (there is stuff I'll say no to because no one is wearing it no matter what their gender). But when ds was a baby - out of the house he was dressed like a boy. First - it was easier than answering a million questions when running errands. 2nd - he was my first boy after 2 girls. I loved buying different non girly stuff for him. I'd been buying girly stuff for 5 years by then and loved shopping for 'new' stuff. If I wanted to buying something girly I had 2 girls to shop for. Now at 3 he has his own preferances and it isn't pink (his choice, I'd let him if he wanted). This winter he's wearing pink snow boots because I didn't feel like buying new ones this year. He fits dd2's from last year and doesn't object to the pink ones.

As far as toys - a toy is a toy. There is no such thing as girl toys and boy toys in our house. Ds play barbie as often as the girls play super heroes. Ds got a new play kitchen for christmas. Dd2 got a train set when she was younger one Christmas. Ds has several dolls of his own.

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