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Re: So whats the big deal with making sure babies gender conform?

I don't really care much either way. But, if my husband did, I'd go with that... why cause a fight when it's not important?

But, when my daughter was a baby, most toys and clothes were not very gender specific at all. Most clothing was for either a boy or a girl. But, all the colors were bright or dark primary colors.

At that time, all the Little Tykes toys were primary colors. The playhouse was white with a blue roof and red windows and a green door. Nothing was pink or earth tones. Those colors weren't the style.

The styles were Jewel tones, or primary colors. Boy's clothes didn't have pictures of trucks or animals, and girl's clothes didn't have princesses or flowers. EVERYTHING was Polka dots, checks, or stripes. Gymboree was new. They were the first place to separate girl's clothes from Boy's clothes. (and make it popular)

When I was young, girl's clothes were uncomfortable, and boy's clothes were meant to be for "rough play". We had Keds tennis shoes, boys had Converse.

The 80s had the best kid's clothes. Nothing matched. Everything was for playing in, and it didn't matter how kids looked. E.T and Star Wars T-shirts were for everybody, and if your pants were too short, it was no big deal.

Trends come and go. I try not to take offense to them because in a few years, these kid's clothes will be out of style, and there will be something else.
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