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Re: So whats the big deal with making sure babies gender conform?

I dress my kids in gender specific clothing because they are twins and it just makes it easier when we're out. At a glance people can tell their sex. Actually, since we had DS's hair cut a few months ago it has really been a non-issue because as soon as he had a 'boy' hair cut people figured it out.

I don't worry about what is girly or what is boyish except when we're buying clothes we buy DS 'boy clothes' and DD 'girl clothes'. If anything DD would be happy with 'boy clothes' if they came in pink. DS has strong opinions on what he likes (fire trucks, trains, trucks, etc) but DD does not. She likes a lot of what DS likes so if there was a fire truck shirt in pink she'd love it. She would not wear anything she perceived as a boy color, but she doesn't know what items supposedly belong to each gender.
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