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Inventoried my deep freezer

I found the following:

16 lbs chicken
2 24lb turkeys
5 lbs venison
4 lbs grnd turkey
1 lb grnd turkey sausage
2 4lb ducks
1 4lb corned beef
2 packages of 5 salmon patties

4 lbs shredded cheese
1 lb block cheese
2 12oz packages of American cheese
10 lbs bulk cheese

4 lbs broccoli
24 lbs corn
1 lb asparagus
5 lbs green Beene
2 packages of spinach
1 package of Brussels sprouts

I also have
20+ lbs of beans
10 lbs brown rice
5 lbs lentils
30 lbs quinoa
4 lbs split peas
20 lbs whole wheat flour
Rye flour
Almod flour
Coconut flour
4 lbs shredded coconut
10 lbs nuts
Dried cranberries

I have a lot more Including fruit but cannot name it all. I don't think I am grocery shopping this month.
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