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Re: What should I add to my basic stash?

Originally Posted by mamaspice View Post
Hmmm, what is your budget? And what are your stash wishes?

If you just want more diapers and like your current system, another 6 pack of workhorses would do the trick.

To add more changes on a budget, or to be old-school, flats or prefolds.

If you just need a little pick me up, a fun new printed cover or woolie would be nice.

If you want some easier diapers for outings or whatnot, some aios or ai2's. BG Elementals are on a great sale right now and are all cotton. Or save and go with 2-3 shells and 6 inserts of an ai2 system.
ok, if it were me without a tight budget (I don't want to wash every day but I have a FL), I'd get another 12 workhorse (try a snap, you might like it), 12 brown edge prefolds and or 12 bamboo flats to play with, and a few wahm knit longies (later shorties)... I just tried some sbish for the first time and I seem to like it so far... just ordered some wool there as well to try. I'll have to reread your post... I don't remember any doublers...

If you want to try something for me, how about Sandys my son is a bigger, older version of yours, I think.

I don't like aios, so its hard for me to recommend... but out of all I tried, I liked BGE the best.

I like streamlined, personally. I don't know why, but I need at least 6 of something-- then even that bugs me and I want 12. Cotton and wool could never be boring
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