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Re: So whats the big deal with making sure babies gender conform?

My FIL's name is Courtney and he is all about gender conformity, ironically. He bought my DS a cowboys and indians-style cap gun set when my DS was 3 MONTHS know, in case we accidently let him play with those silly little girly teething rings or something.

But the toughest person in my family to get through to about gender conformity is my 4.5yo DD! She is constantly taking things away from DS (like My Little Ponies or princess stickers) because "they are girl things" and she tells him not to color with the pink marker because that's a girl color. It's not something we enforce at all in our home, though obviously I have my suspicions about the inlaws. I couldn't care less if my son plays with ponies or wants a princess sticker, he can have both while wearing a pink tiara if he wants. I'm working on it...
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