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Re: Beef jerky in dehydrator

I've been drying for years and I had a nesco before I decided on gettin an Excalibur type. But i dehydrate a lot. My suggestion would be to first start off doing a ground beef jerky. It's cheap and easy, marninates really well and may come out better than you think.

Don't get be wrong sirloin works well and if you won't be upset if it doesn't come out perfect, go for it!

You marinate it by soaking it. For a general marinade I generally use soy sauce, Worcestershire, pepper, and some liquid smoke. You can add spices or whatever you wish to it.

When I had a round type dryer I made sure to rotate the trays and pat the fat off the meat otherwise the fat makes it go rancid in storage.

For sirloin marinate it overnight and make sure to slice it thin and uniform. Are you using a seasoning pack or your own seasoning?

That type of dehydrator works well if you don't dry much or you are just starting out. After a few years you may want a Excalibur type. I absolutely love mine! Good luck and welcome to the addiction LOL
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