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UPDATE 1/13 - HEARTBEAT! Tell Me About Your Early Miscarriage (~7 Weeks)

Update 1/13: The bleeding tapered off after a few days. I kept my ultrasound appt of course, and told the tech I was 99% sure she would not find a baby. The next thing I knew, she was telling me "I see a baby with a heartbeat!" Baby had a strong heartbeat of 166 and measured perfect. I have a subchorionic bleed/hematoma, which is how I lost my last baby, so I am worried... but in most cases, the bleeds do resolve and babies are fine, so I am cautious but hoping for the best.

Thanks all for your prayers and advice. And I am so sorry to all who have been through losses. I know just how hard it is, and I am praying so hard that is the rainbow baby I've been waiting for.

Original post:

Hope it's okay to put this in the pregnancy forum... figured it would get more views here, and I am still pregnant technically. Also, sorry so long and hope this makes a little sense. I am pretty upset.

I am almost positive I am going through my 3rd miscarriage. My 1st one was a D&C at 11 weeks, my 2nd was a chemical at less than 4 weeks. This one was our rainbow baby, and everything was fine until Friday. I was feeling less nauseous, and tried to brush it off.

Yesterday (Sat) I was still feeling less nauseous, then at about 1pm I had red bleeding start. It started sort of slow, but sped up fast, peaked at probably 6pm last night - and it was heavier than AF for me, but my AF's usually are not terribly heavy.

I have had very little cramping. The worst cramping was last night and didn't require meds or anything, and it didn't actually even feel like AF cramping, nor was it as bad as the cramping I had with my chemical even - so not bad cramping, just noticeable..

So I am still bleeding this morning (Sunday), not soaking pads or anything but definitely there. Not much if any clotting, etc - just red blood. Not really any cramping this morning - maybe a little tiny bit.

I am almost positive that the miscarriage hasn't happened yet but will soon. I am scared. I don't see any point in calling my dr - nothing they can do, KWIM? I actually have an appt for ultrasound already scheduled for Tuesday - I haven't had one yet. But what should I expect to happen with a 7 week miscarriage? Is it possible that this steady bleeding and light cramping is it? When is it going to pick up and actually happen?

I work FT and I'm just not looking forward to dealing with this at work. Hoping if it's going to get worse, it happens today.

Not to mention, I'm just completely gutted and devastated. We have been TTC #2 for a very long time, and tests have shown that my egg reserve is very low (at age 33 no less) so chances of another baby for us are so slim, because the eggs that I do have left are probably the old deformed crappy ones. All I want is to give my daughter a sibling. I'm just so tired of trying so hard, only to be dealt loss after loss after loss. I would saw off my right arm to be a mother again.

And after my 11-week loss last year, I had hormonal craziness issues and did nothing but sob for 2 weeks. Really not looking forward to that again, and hoping that since I am earlier, it won't be as bad. Can anyone tell me your experience with that?

Thanks for reading.
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