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Re: The Reading Lesson

I used it with 2 of my girls, and we also use HOD (and have been for 5+ years)! It took us about 1 1/2 school years to complete it, with each one. We could have moved a little faster, but I let the girls lead in that. We usually just did 2 pages each day. Once we got past half of the book, there were times when they'd want to do more when they realized we were close to the end of a section. We didn't write in our book, either.

After completion each girl went into the HOD emerging readers with no issues. There are some bigger words that I help them with, sometimes, but all in all they are reading quite well.

My 7yo just finished it, and we used it for LHFHG and Beyond. My 10yo, when she was in it, I can't remember what curriculum we were in. I know Beyond for sure. I can't remember about LHFHG. Right now my brain is on picking out things for the 13yo, 8th-9th and high school stuff.

For my oldest dd, way before our HOD days, I used 100EZ Lessons with her. This was certainly not a fit for the other 2.

The Reading Lesson is awesome. Just take it slow as you get use to it. Let the child be your guide on the pace to set. You may move faster sometimes than others.
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