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Re: So whats the big deal with making sure babies gender conform?

I, personally, believe it's because they're close minded. *shrug*

My kids wear whatever they want...DS2 was rocking a princess dress out of the dress up box and insisted on wearing it to the grocery store...a few weeks later DD wore an army costume. Ask me which one got the most dirty looks...people are idiots.

My sons have a pink polo shirt and look awesome in it, my daughter has black, blue, red, green, orange shirts (and so do my boys) and THIS is okay but my sons having a pink shirt is weird?

I, typically, stick with gender specific names just because those are the names I happened to fall in love with. My oldest son is named after my grandpa...perhaps if my grandpa had been my grandpa's brother (Leslie, but we call him Larry) I'd have named my son Leslie after his grandpa...I just happened to have descended from, Uncle Larry has a son named Kim and a grandson named Robin lol

If I were to have a 5th and it's a boy his name would likely be Kelley because I love Kelley for a boy. *shrug*

Right NOW I buy mostly gender specific clothing for them because they're old enough to have preferences. DS1 & DS2 prefer trucks & tractors and trains and dinosaurs and Angry Birds on their clothing. DD prefers princesses and flowers and Angry Birds lol
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