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Originally Posted by joyous
Boys in pink don't bother me. I think it's sweet when they play with dolls. It's sad that little boys are discouraged from being nurturing, as if that's "gay." It's a great quality, and if I ever have boys, I hope they want a doll, or action figure, to nurture in their own way.

I dress DD boyish sometimes- jeans, white shirt, red jacket, grey sneakers, for example. She's been called a "he." It doesn't bother me, and people don't seem offended, but I know it would be much different if I was dressing a son "girly." It's sad, and feeds into this idea that women are lesser. It's okay for girls to want to be like boys, but God forbid it's the other way around.
Love it and if they were actually gay, so what not that dolls=gay anyway, but just saying.
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