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Re: NTNP December 30th - January 5th

Originally Posted by foolsgold View Post
So is there another thread we switch to now? I don't see one so I'll just post here.....
ZOMG! I think hubby is actually WANTING me to be pregnant
I've gone to the store twice since we did the dance to get 'treats' for everyone (candy bar, juice, soda, chips) and normally it's something that he has me do but I've gone on my own.
Also got a 12 pack of pepsi and I've had a few of those when I normally only have one if any.
And for some reason for the past few weeks I have been wanting a cigaret even though I haven't smoked for almost 5 years.... told that to hubby and he pointed out the want chocolate, drinking soda and now 'craving a cigaret' and said "are you sure you aren't pregnant?" lol
I told him that cravings wouldn't start 5 DPO ROFL
But you know what tasted SSSOOOOO good today when my m-i-l made them? Baked potatoes with chipotle bbq sauce on them! lol
My SO is the same way! When we were TTA he would always say "are you pregnant" and now that were NTNP (which to him means TTC) he 's all about it. He was not happy to learn that most lubricants impede sperm .
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