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Health related question (not me)...

I talked to my mother this morning (in Florida) and she told me that Grandma (in Washington State) fainted and lost bodily functions early yesterday morning. The exact story is she woke up, didn't feel well and took a tums, then went into the kitchen for water and fainted. She woke up and had enough energy to struggle to the phone and call my aunt who lives nearby. They cleaned her up and took her to the hospital where she is staying overnight for observation.

From what my mother is saying, they can't find anything wrong with her. I can't believe how lucky she is to faint and not break anything at her age! She is 84 years old.

I am not nieve. I know she is getting up there in age, but I am close to my grandmother and my son actually knows her well (he is 4). We talk on Skype at least once a week. Is there anything I should be asking my mother to have the family ask her doctor?

My grandfather (her husband) got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 2 weeks before I gave birth to my son. He ended up dying when my son was 5 weeks 5 days old. I never even got to say goodbye to him because I couldn't travel in that time due to my c-section. I am TERRIFIED of this happening again. I am pregnant, and while I think I could travel in a couple of weeks, I am high risk (way more then last time) and that scares me.

The doctor did clear my grandmother (and another aunt) to come down to my mom's house this week on a scheduled trip. I mean they can't find what is wrong with her so why not? I have honestly thought about driving down there with my son but that is a LONG drive from NJ while pregnant and on progesterone. Not to mention I have doctors appointments in the next 2 weeks that I can't get out of (ultrasound, and an oncologist appointment).

I should also mention that my grandmother has agreed to getting a "help I have fallen and can't get up" button. So that will help her with living alone in her house.

Thank you for any help you can give me.
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