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Re: Todder sharing--please help!

I have 2.5 year old twins (along with 3 olders also and one younger). So, I understand the sharing issue. In our house, we share almost everything that is age appropriate. Of course, there are definitely times when sharing is an issue.

I go by who had something first for who gets to play with it. But, if there are several of an item, generally, I make them share and split them equally. Of course, there are always exceptions for one reason or other.

One will sometimes throw a fit. I don't give in and let them not share. Often, I will tell them if they can't share they can't play all. If they throw a tantrum, I ignore the tantrum. If they are in a common area and bothering others with their tantrum, I move them to another area or their room. Then, I just go about my business and ignore the tantrum. Basically, I handle it like any other tantrum.

I don't usually put them in time out for that. However, if in the course of refusing to share they hit or yell at someone or whatever, I will put them in time out for that offense.

That's pretty much how I handle it at my house. Hope that helps.
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