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Originally Posted by AniMommy
Listen to others' tips and tricks. Give it a try, but always always listen to your gut. If it doesn't seem right, move on! Don't make yourself miserable trying to do something that doesn't work for you. A happy baby is made by a happy mama.

No matter what, you're the best mama. There are no absolutes to parenting. Don't let the judgments of others make you feel bad. And don't judge yourself against the standards of others. Like if breast feeding doesn't work out for you and your baby, it's okay. Being a mama is not a competition.
Yep, all of this too. Our Ped gave me similar advice when DS was tiny. And he has reminded me several times that DH and I are the parents and that we need to do what we feel is best, even if it isn't his advice or someone else's. I wholeheartedly agree.

And take the Colace too. My hospital gave it regularly after birth but I don't know if this is standard. If you're having a home birth, I would absolutely take it too.

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