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Originally Posted by trying4more
Hilary-She's a CNM. I read somewhere that CNM's can't attend delivery for whatever reason. I'm gonna ask her when I go in next month for my pap.

It's been 2 weeks since I start working out and I've gained almost 1lb! WTF! I'm not doing weights, so it's not like I'm building HULK muscle! Ugh....I need to loose about 30lbs. I'll be fine with 20lbs, but the extra 10 would be extra nice!
Have you tried the my fitness pal app? I've lost 20 lbs on it. It's just calorie counting but it's extremely effective. I just add an exercise of nursing and count it as 300 calories. The first week is pure torture. But after that it gets lots easier. You realize that what you thought was a portion is not and how many calories are actually on things. You can link up with friends too for support.
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