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Re: Todder sharing--please help!

LOL.. I read that wrong. My first vision was of some sort of "You take him this week, I'll have him next week".

Anyway. In my daycare, we consider "Sharing" is when someone has it, they have it...when they are done, it is someone else's toy. I don't allow anybody to take something away from another child and call it "sharing". Not even the parents are allowed to take something from one child (even their own) to give it to another child.

Toy Hoarding is not O.K either. If the child is not using it or playing with it, just hiding it, I will take it away and let the other child use it. If it turns into a huge meltdown problem, the toy goes into "toy time out" (on top of the fridge) for 30 minutes or so, then I get it back down and give it to another child.

If a child brings a toy to my house, it becomes community property. They can bring a toy inside to show me and their friends, but then Daddy takes it back out to sit in his or her carseat until the end of the day. (unless they are willing to share it..some kids can share better than others..but they understand what it means, so they make the choice)

Lovies are off limits to everybody else but the owner. The kids understand and respect this. It's never an issue.
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