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Re: Todder sharing--please help!

Originally Posted by dancermommy1 View Post
Thanks that's pretty much what I've been doing I just wasn't sure that was "enough".

We had company last night and he kept taking everything away from our friend's toddler. It was so crazy because he is in daycare with 12 others and shares all day. Ha. Now that I think about it, maybe that's precisely WHY it's so hard to share at home--he finally has everything to himself!
One thing I've been known to do when other kids come over is put away anything I know will cause an issue before hand. Obviously, I don't put everything way. But, if I know my child has a tough time sharing X toy, I'll put it away before the friends come over. Everything that is out is fair game. They do need to learn to share their toys, but to me, it isn't worth the fight if I know a specific one or two is going to cause a problem. They can learn with other toys.

I've definitely experienced the "that's mine" phrase when they see someone else playing with something of theirs and they suddenly decide they want it. I just tell them their friend/sibling is playing with that and they can't have it. If they throw a tantrum about it, I do what I said above.

Like the pp, I won't take it from one kid to make them "share." Loveys are never shared but, I always have my children put their lovey away before friends come over.

Sounds to me like you are doing enough. It's just he is 2.5 and still learning and maybe not used to sharing his personal stuff unlike at daycare where the stuff is meant to be shared. Just keep working on it. He'll get it.
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