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All Flats All The Time?

I must be running a streak of bad luck because I've destashed and destashed and then destashed some more, but I'm still not satisfied with my stash.

I'm looking for all flats users. All day, all night. No other "systems" at all, not even for nights or diaper bags or travel. I don't see why I couldn't do it, but I'd love to hear some stories from others.

My current stash is somewhat varied. I have 2 in diapers.

12 GMD browns
23 Flip Organics
5 BG 4.0
9 BG Elementals
6 GMD yellows
6 Imagine smalls
+ a large variety of covers

For flats, I have:
5 small flats
10 medium sized flats
15 large flats
8 double-layer jersey knit recieving blanket flats (highly absorbant)

Could I conceivable just ditch all the stuff on the top of the list (except covers) and just do flats? Or keep the prefolds, too? Or keep a handful of AIO's??

All experience and advice appreciated! Thanks!
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