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Re: All Flats All The Time?

I like prefolds for the days when I am just very behind on laundry with 3 littles running around.

But, flats hold a special place in my heart since I feel like I'm doing the "real" diapering like my grandmothers, etc. Don't know why but it really tugs at my pioneering heartstrings!

I use only Dappi pull on covers because I have tried every other cover and just don't have the time to figure out snaps and flaps and deal with elastics leaving marks and relaxing. These are our bulletproof covers and I can get by with 4 in each size.

I pin my flats since I didn't find a fold that left me with enough wings for snappis. I really dislike doubling up flats for night since I feel like it is an enormous amount of bulk. We do a disposable at night right now, but I just scored a Lovebums fitted off of FSOT so we'll see if I can get away with that.

All flats here (and prefolds when I'm lazy). The flats dry the fastest, stay the softest and seem to be the most comfortable on my baby. Downsides are folding and I can never quite contain the poop. Dunking is a pain. So, yes, keep your prefolds. Because you will miss them when they are gone! LOL!
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