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Re: All Flats All The Time?

I do flats 90% of the time and have elementals for my DH to use when I am at work on Saturdays. I pad fold them into covers- I suppose I could even ditch the elementals because its easy to put the flat into the covers and leave them all set up for my DH to use.

At night, I add a hemp doubler to the flat and use a micro fleece liner. It works really well for us- the flats are so easy to get clean! I am actually completely content with my stash and have no desire to buy anymore diapers.

I have (for a 14 month old and nighttime diaper for a 3 year old):
8 Flip Covers
18 Oso Cozy Flats
3 Hemp Babies Doublers
12 homemade fleece liners
9 Elementals (for my DH)

I also have 2 pairs of Superundies for my 5.5 year old because flats/covers would in no way work for how much urine he can put out at night!
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