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Meal ideas.

Okay... I have to go grocery shopping tomorrow, and I have NO idea what I want to get. My kids are really picky, but I want some new recipes. I go to HEB (I think that's only a local store, not like Walmart), if anyone is familiar.

Anyhow, my kids don't care for meat much. I need cheapish meals. I don't like meals with 20+ ingredients. Prefer healthy, if possible, and no "weird" ingredients, please... lol. I don't like when things are hard to find.

Any ideas?! Recipes would be nice, but not absolutely necessary.

ETA: My budget is about $120 this week for snacks for all of us, all week, breakfast for me and the youngest during the week, lunches for me and the youngest during the week, and dinners for three kids, one pregnant one (me), hubby, and my dad.

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