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Tossed one Walmart bag of broken toys/misc flash cards.

Donated 21 misc things from DS2's room. 1 costume jewelry ring, 2 too small jackets, a Mr Peanut knick knack, a baby jacket, halloween costume, a book, and some other clothes.

ETA: doing the mini challenges, 2 diapers & 7 kids books purged.

ETA2: 4pair socks & a pair of underwear trashed

Eta3: pair jeans, hat, 6 toys
Eta4: to donate ~ a cd walkman, red bell, wine glass
Trash: broken pair scissors & soap sample

Eta5: trashed 1 bunch of receipts, 1 booklet of coupons, 1 stack of business cards & 2 ring boxes
Donated : book

736 /2013

Jodie ~ mama to Big K, Medium K & Lil' k

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