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Re: Teaching First Grader and Second Grader?

Originally Posted by jen_batten View Post
I would keep them together as much as possible. My two oldest are nineteen months apart and they learn all the same stuff at the same time. Of course you will have to take into account if one of yours is way ahead of the other, that may not work, but you could still combine some subjects. You could probably at least combined all but reading and math.
Yep. It depends where they are in the core subjects, but most people seem to try to combine at least for the content areas (history, science, art, etc.). None of my kids are that close together, but we still combine for history and science. For example, I have a fifth grader, second grader, and a pre-kindergartener all learning American history together. I assign each child reading and writing on his level. The pre-k'er is obviously not doing much other than listening to read alouds and doing easy craft projects, but he's learning a little, too.
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