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Mini Minimalist Challenge: 1/7-1/11

The Mini Minimalist Challenge runs each week from Monday-Friday. Weekends can be used as catch up days, and would be a great time to drop off donations. Before & After pictures (or any other progress photos) are encouraged!

I will post the entire 5 days all at once, in case you would like to plan ahead or work out of order. Keep in mind that not all challenges will be relevant for every person or every home. If you find a challenge that does not need to be done, or is in an area of your home that you do not have, either consider it a day off or focus on an area that you really do need to work on.

If you're feeling extra motivated, this is also a good time to wipe down surfaces or vacuum areas that don't usually get much attention. You can consolidate items, eliminate packaging, or reorganize while working on the challenge in that area... but it's okay if you don't!

The goal will be to purge 5 things from each area. You may find more and you may find less, but you want to aim for at least 5 whenever possible. If you stick to just the minimum, you will purge 25 things from your home every week! Comment with your progress and to encourage others, and share with us your successes and struggles.

If you are new, feel free to jump right in where you are! Don't feel like you need to backtrack or catch up to us.

Week #2

Monday 1.7.13: Purge 5 items from your cleaning supplies. Sprays, sponges, rags, or anything else that's cluttering things up and doesn't get used. This is a good time to assess your supplies, and if you're low on anything then add it to your shopping list.

Tuesday 1.8.13: Purge 5 items from your purse and/or diaper bag. Toss receipts and expired coupons, old lip balms, expired cosmetics, empty wipes packs, or anything else that doesn't need to be in your bags. This is a good time to also restock anything you're low on. Do you have enough wipes? Diapers? Do the spare outfits still fit? Does anything need to be washed?

Wednesday 1.9.13: Purge 5 items from kids' closets. Do they have anything that they don't wear or no longer fits? Lots of stains? Just plain don't like? Don't forget about socks, shoes, and other accessories.

Thursday 1.10.13: Purge 5 items from your children's toys and books. Think about your goals for your child in terms of minimalism. Is simplicity something you want for them? Decide what doesn't fit in with these goals and values, and get rid of some of their unnecessary stuff.

Friday 1.11.13: Purge 5 items from your diapering supplies. If your kids are out of diapers or this otherwise doesn't apply, focus on another area of your kids' stuff that needs attention (possibly a second purge of things from Wednesday's or Thursday's areas).

Good luck!
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