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Re: xbox 360 question

Originally Posted by suthrnmomto3 View Post
I think it just depends on the kids are 11,8,7&5 and having been playing with remote and Kinect since they were 3,5,6&9...the 3 year old at time couldn't get the controller a lot without help but finally learned it as he was determined since he wanted to play a game at my friends house...aka loves boys stuff like Spiderman, walle, etc but my girls veer more towards the other games but they do all enjoy call of duty to watch. Kinect was a favorite though I loved it offered a more hands on experience and got them up and moving...but they also have a Wii for that just hardly any games.
Its not so much understanding how to use it b/c he's a pro (lol) as it is that his hands are too little to comfortably hit the right buttons at once. Maybe his hands are tiny compared to others?

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