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Re: Anyone interested in organizing with me this year?

Originally Posted by tommymommy View Post
I'll do it We are only in a 1000 sf condo, but it has tons of storage. But we are on full now, so I need to organize and purge. I will clean out and organize my laundry closet this week!

I love this kind of stuff, especially before and after pics!
I started today and got a lot of organizing done. I will take before pics tomorrow though as I will be painting this week too.

Originally Posted by Quickshep19 View Post
Are you purging or just using cute organizational tools? If you are de-cluttering, the minimalist forum is has a "purge 2013 items in 2013" thread. Also mini challenges for each weekday. You don't need to be a minimalist to join. I'm not a true minimalist but I've gotten rid of 700 items this year and I have been purging for years. Come join us.

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Purging and organizing. I will check out that thread. Thanks for the heads up!

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