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Re: Family of 4 and a minivan-too much space?

Minivans are more necessary these days because of how long kids are in big carseats. Our parents might not have needed them, but we do.

That said, I have a "mini mini-van," the Mazda 5. It's the width of a compact car and about 9 inches longer, so it's not a true mini-van, but it's great for my needs (two kids, not planning to have any more, no dog). We just wanted something that would fit my Joovy Ultralight Caboose plus groceries, and something that would accommodate the very occasional extra passenger. But we live in the city with parallel parking, alleys, and small garages (people always say, "Oh look at that cute shed" when they look out the back window, and I have to say, "No, that's my garage. My car is in there." Ha. So we literally couldn't fit anything bigger.

If we wind up with a third, then we'd probably get a true minivan, but right now I'm in car nirvana.

ETA: Almost everyone at DD's preschool has a midsize or large SUV, and I just don't get it. Now that I have the sliding doors, I can't go back. But like I said, I live in an urban setting, and most of these parents live in the suburbs, so I guess they have driveways to park in. I drove a big SUV around over Thanksgiving and the carseat dance in parking lots was not fun. Sliding doors for the win!
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