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Re: Do you think creams reduce/prevent wrinkles?

I was living a healthy lifestyle, but when I was 30 my body started changing - age spots, lots of dryness,etc,etc. I started taking really good care of my skin & it paid off.

I think that there are numerous components to how your skin looks - part genetics, part nutrition, part lifestyle, part environment,etc -
I got lucky with genetics, and I do what I can with the rest. I make an effort to care for my skin - use facial scrubs, moisturize,etc & at 41 I still get carded & people tell me that my skin is glowing.

I also agree with kaleidescopeyes - I have been a faithful sunglass wearer for years & only have the tiniest little signs of age around my eyes. I see people in their 20s with a lot of lines around their eyes & they usually are people who don't wear sunglasses.
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