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Moral support is huge IMO both at home and having other guy friends to just keep active; if not people that are more likely to be out and about more often than stay at home watching TV or play video games.

Even exercising if you're not there, as long as someone is there to push him and encourage one another it'll make it more enjoyable than just having to lose weight.

I have co-worker that's my weight training partner, a friend who I ride bike with and others that want to just stay fit that I'll try new things with.

I'll say for the last 15 years of working out and playing sports, the most enjoyable and the best result I've seen are through friends and having that support including from my wife. Even on days that I didn't feel like moving she would push me to go for just a walk to re-energize.

Consistency is key but also just try something different and explore. Too much emphasis on just exercising or feeling guilty for missing one workout is far more counter productive than shrugging it off and be active the next day.

Walk, workout DVD one day, hit the gym on another, learn to dance, jog, swim, try Cross Fit, try TRX system at home, etc etc. It's more about staying active and feeling great everyday. And of course not over during it either.

Food is my biggest enemy. At home we minimize any junk food, rarely buy boxed items and try to cook as much as particles possible. I've learned quite a bit about nutrition this way over the last few years focusing on proper marcro/micro nutrition as well as other supplementation.

Us guys tend to be competitive anyway so it just maybe good for your DH to find a dedicated workout partner if he hasn't already. Aside from delicious but healthy meals at home the biggest ego booster is a simple compliment from your own loved ones
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