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DD and I are covered at $186/mo for medical. All of her well baby exams are free. Vaccinations are free, but I have to pay the $15 copay to get them done. I get one free wellness exam per year. My copay is $15 for my PCP, OB/GYN, and chiro. Specialists are $25. I think I have a $500 deductible for emergency stuff. My rx drug plan is decent. Generics are only $2. The next tier is around $15, then $30, and finally a max of $50 for a prescription med.

Dental for DH and I is about $50/mo. Two check ups and cleanings with xrays are free each year. They pay 80/20 now because I've had the coverage for three years. I think it started at only 50/50 the first year and then 70/30 the second. We've had no other dental work done. They pay $1000 max for orthodontics.

Vision for DH and I is about $30/mo. Eye exams are $4. We can choose to have a certain portion of either contact lenses or glasses covered each year. I think it's $75, which is basically 7-8 months of lenses for me. I haven't gotten glasses in several years. My last pair with frames, lenses, etc. was over $300!
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