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Re: If your DH/SO successfully took weight off, how did you help?

Originally Posted by PBAki View Post
Us guys tend to be competitive anyway so it just maybe good for your DH to find a dedicated workout partner if he hasn't already. Aside from delicious but healthy meals at home the biggest ego booster is a simple compliment from your own loved ones
DH and one of his college buddies get up to walk before work 4-5 times a week. Then, over his lunch break he'll do something else or after work he'll go for a run. It's wind down or wake up time for him. When he first started, he had a super structured "diet plan" for breakfast and for lunch, but then ate whatever I planned for dinner. I did try to make dinner healthier, but he'd saved enough calories that he could eat pretty much whatever. During that time, we bought 100 cal packs because they were super easy to figure out calorie wise. The essentials of what he did really just boiled down to the old standard "eat less, work out more."
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