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Originally Posted by Psychomom
Great eating day to make up for my binge yesterday!

Didn't work out so I really needed to stick to the 1200 calories for today. Getting home at 3am from my night out was a benefit because I didn't wake up until 10 and wasn't very hungry. I ate half bagel & cream cheese (I didn't really want it, but it was my daughter's leftovers and I didn't want it to go to waste.)

Then lunch rolled around and I wasn't hungry since I had a late breakfast, but I made myself a protein shake before heading to work at 2.

My boss did it to me again!!! She had a 44 oz coke waiting for me when I arrived. Ugh! She KNOWS I am trying to lose weight. We are going through a software conversion and it's just the two of us making sure 1,200 customers are entered and billed correctly, plus making sure appropriate credits are applied from those who pay a little extra each month...she tells me that I shouldn't try to lose weight when things at work are so stressful. I didn't touch the drink for several minutes and she reminded me twice it was there. I put the straw in and left it directly in front of me and made a point to lift it to my mouth and take the tiniest sips when she was looking. We work the front desk in a lobby so it's not like I have my own space; she is right there next to me at all times.

My daughter had dance rehearsal from 5-8 tonight so I wasn't going to be home for dinner. I had a banana and a Spark energy drink (leftover Advocare stuff) to hold me until I got home. I was so hungry and I ate 1.5 servings of the dinner my husband made which only puts me over 2 calories for today!

And when I think about it, I'm not terribly upset about my one night stand (I swear!) with vodka last night. It put me at 1,634 calories total yesterday and according to some weight loss calculators I've seen, I should be able to eat 1,800 per day and still lose.
Great job!! Nice trick with the soda!! I found my calories were set to low on MFP so I set mine to the 1640 it would take me to maintain my goal weight.
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