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Hubby and I have fallen head over heals for a property that's pushing the budget. If he gets approved for it, we're definitely making an offer. Here's our reasoning:
Besides a car payment, we have no other debt related bills. So we feel we can put a little extra towards our dream home.
DH has 2 guaranteed raises coming up after he has been at his job for a year and his job is EXTREMELY secure.
The mortgage is only 100$ more a month than the apartment we have been renting.
We really don't "do" anything besides stay at home. We don't enjoy eating out, going to the movies shopping etc so we don't need/use and entertainment fund. we like Home and nature, the house is on 3 acres in the mountains. It is absolutely heaven on earth.

My question is, are you house poor? What was your reasoning for becoming house poor, and do you regret it?

Excuse typos, I'm mobile and nursing a squimery toddler!

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