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Re: January Stash Game Chatter thread

I used a pattern from Cute Clothes For Kids on the reversible dress. It's really easy though, and you could do what you said with the pillowcase dress. Those shoulders are supposed to have strap ties instead of ribbon, but ribbon is easier and I had just exactly enough left to do it that way. It is a shame all you crafty stuff is disappearing. Have toddlers been into your stuff? Kennah stole all my pins but at least I managed to find them. And sorry for you that you have to rip up your new undies to change elastic...that sounds like a huge hassle.

I've never tried a crocheted dish cloth, so I probably don't know what I'm missing!

I did get a couple things done today but no pics yet so I will wait til tomorrow to post. I am looking forward to starting a dress or two for myself this week!

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