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Re: Back to Work So Sad

Thanks everyone for the support. Moving closer to the office is not an option but Skyping during the day is a great idea. Believe it or not, a 9 hour work day is a shortened day for me and already contemplates no lunch break - I am a lawyer at a big firm so 12+ hours per day is the norm, I am cutting back by doing 9. I asked SIL to bring her to the office for lunch once or twice a month and she's up for that, which will give me a chance to see baby D awake once in a while. I am very lucky and grateful that a family member is going to take care of her and thankful to have a good job to help provide for my family and thankful for the very long (by American standards) maternity leave I was able to have. I think I'll buy a coupla lottery tickets tomorrow just in case I win and can retire
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