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Re: OK...please tell me about Target Pristine Detergent I'm intrigued! Better than Ti

Originally Posted by Khaag55 View Post
Im getting ready to do our first load of diapers with it, in our new Front Loader. How much do you mamas with hard water put in?
I don't have hard water (so this is the low end for you to help gauge where you want to start), but I use to line 2. I do get a lot of suds with that so I don't feel like I can use more. Haven't had a hint of stink in a month now.

Originally Posted by AZmommy View Post
I think tha printed plant leaves are just to make it look pretty and "green" It is salt based or at least I have no reason to believe it is not. I HATE plant based detergents they leave film this doesn't.
I looked at it- doesn't say (at least in a way I can understand). I'll have to defer to Deanna, resident clean pristine expert
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