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Re: Mama cloth question (my design flaw)

Originally Posted by ninny7 View Post
So I made my own cloth and used my own pattern based on a disposable pad. I used for the back PUL or fleece and then the inside is 1 layer of zorb, 1 flannel and then topped with flannel. They turned out very cute too! (or I guess as cute as things like this can be ) The shape and absorbancy seems good BUT the stinking tabs wick causing a leakage that is frustrating me! I made the tabs out of flannel (number 1 mistake apparently). I made the tabs seperate thinking I would save the more expensive material but I did not consider that I would have this problem. I sewed them inside out and then topstitched so I can't easily take them apart and redo. Now unfortunately, I made about 17 of these without testing my design first but I am planning on making more for a friend and her daughter and my daughter. Any suggestions on patterns that you love and that work well without wicking? I am thinking they would have worked fine if I had just put PUL on the back of the tab so it couldn't have wicked through.

Actually I have a couple other questions too while I have your attention
- I want to make some for my 12 year old but I don't know what size to make them - ideas for a pattern?
- My friend does not want fleece or PUL for yeast reasons - has anyone used recycled wool for this? I am picturing a wool liner that you can snap an insert to. I am wondering about the bulkiness. She wants to just use like 6-8 layers of flannel but I still don't know if that is enough and any thicker, I won't be able to turn and topstitch. I could serge them but then my pattern won't work.
- So I guess my last question would be - is there a pattern for serged cloth?
Thank you!!
I made some in 2008 before I ever knew anything about cloth diapers or pul. I made them with just 5 layers of flannel and no wings. I don't have leak issues but I change them often. I just happened to have made more this weekend. I serged them but again they don't have wings or anything. Just 5 layers of flannel. (I wear mostly "boyshort" style undies so wings wouldn't really work anyway for me.)
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