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Re: Round two of tamales, need pot recommendations

I looked for one of those at Walmart, but they didn't have it, only had a silicon looking one, they did not say whether it was silicon or what it was and it looked like it would not hold many tamales weight.

I have been stalking stock pots and such on craiglist. The largest pot I have is 8 quart, but the minimum I guess I need is 12, but would prefer larger.

I went to the local Asian market, thinking I would find some great Bamboo baskets or something, but they only had tiny ones, like really small.

BUT, they had lots of 2 tier steamers out of stainless, which was tempting.

QUESTION: Any reason why I can't use the steamers that are 2 tiers high and lay the tamales flat in each tier? I think I read I shouldn't stack them more than 2 tamales high.

In general, the stainless pots I saw available at the asian market looked very similar to these POTS.

I keep hearing I need to steam the tamales vertically, any reason why I cannot lay them down, and give it a go?

I cannot thank you enough for your help here!
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