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Re: Pros and Cons of water birth??

Our midwife who has delivered over 1300 babies said the only negative she has seen to a water birth is being born into the water rinses off some of the baby's natural protective coating but that happens the first time you bathe them anyways so just depends on how long you were hoping to keep the protective coating on their skin. She said she had one mom who didn't birth in water not wash baby for quite some time and than the first time they did baby starting getting dirty after that, lol.

I personally loved the water with DS and am planning another water birth with our newbie due soon. It helps with the pain and was soothing to me. Also helps to keep you from tearing and baby is born into a similar environment that they were just in, so not as much of an immediate shock for them. I think there are an immense amount more benefits than negatives.
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