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Re: (Posting for a friend) Need help getting a toddler to stop BFing

I had this exact same problem. My ex DH essentially kidnapped my kids when DS was 14 months and when I got them back 2 weeks later from the courts he was super attached to the boob I was single at that point and my son was doing overnights (court system flaw) and I would pump... I was so thin and worn out I told DS for several weeks that when he turned 2 he couldn't have milkie anymore. He was old enough to know what that meant but was still upset. He asked me everyday for about a month and I am convinced he would still be nursing at 4. I bought him special big boy cups even though he could drink out of a cup well and allowed him to co-sleep with me so we at least got the one-on-one time. It was hard on me seeing he wanted it but I knew he didn't NEED it. I still had milk for 6 months after nursing too, lol. If he would cry I would just cuddle him, no bottle, no pacifier etc just quality time. I am sorry she is having to do this, my first son self-weaned at 14 months and it was harder on me than anything lol

I forgot to mention DS was nursing several times a night at that point. I would just pat his back, give him some water etc and he would go right back to sleep. I also told him he was a big boy when he turned 2 and he didn't need mommies milk anymore that milk is for babies and he is gonna be a big boy at his seemed to work a but at one point he told me he didn't want to be a big boy lol.
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