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Favorite top layer: Bamboo velour!

Favorite absorbent layer : bamboo, but anything that didn't bulk up the pad but was still absorbent

Favorite backing: fleece (but I haven't tried others)

Favorite length for liners : 7 inches

Favorite length for day pads : 9 inches

Favorite length for overnight/postpartum : overnight I like the 11 inches but my AF isn't that heavy right now so it might differ

Do you like different options (lots of different fabrics, styles, different absorbecy in all sizes, ect.) or simplicity? (light liners, moderate regular length, heavy long length, all minky or all bamboo, ect.) : I love that minky has so many fabric choices and that it's so soft, but compared to bamboo velour it seems too thick for me and then bunches up. I think different absorbency is all sizes would be nice. I notice sometimes when I'm using a liner that is 7 inches, I might need something longer because it is not giving me enough coverage for the how little is there.

Exposed fleece (on the wings, like pampered mama, go with the flo, ect.) or all fabric tops including wings (like tree hugger) : exposed

What is most important to you assuming they both function well - cuteness, or price?: cuteness. I have not bought a pad that I didn't think was cute. There are ones I have passed up because the look was not flattering to me.

What attracts you more - low flat rate shipping, or more add on shipping the more you buy (ie, less shipping for a smaller order vs. flat rate) : add on shipping. Flat rate would work well for big orders but more than likely you're going to have a customer only wanting to order a pad or two at a time and that would be the most economical

Anything else you can add would be SUPER helpful! I'm excited to get started I'm just feeling wishy washy with what I'd like to do: trim is a plus! Good luck mama!

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