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Originally Posted by FulHouse
But she has been teething and her poop has been horrible. I am sure the regular hot water wouldn't be hot enough to kill germs?

I could see giving up on bleach or oxyclean or both but the hot water too?

Anyone know if the elastic can be replaced?
Poop is poop. Only difference is when they have real poop and you have to knock it in the toilet. You have probably voided your warranty with the sanitary cycle, all that bleach, and oxy and the really long time in the drye. Your dryer isn't working right if it takes them that long to dry on HIGH. I dry mine in low and it takes 45-60 min and I'm pretty sure my dryer is from the 80's (rust and all)

Most companies will send repair kits but since you did that in your wash cycle it'll probably cost you money instead of being free.

I don't have a FL so I can't tell you how you should wash your diapers in your washer but a sanitary cycle isn't necessary. If you want to get rid of bacteria add TeaTreeOil to the rinse cycle. Simple. And doesn't cost you your stash.
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