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Re: January Stash Game Chatter thread

Originally Posted by Rdesonia View Post
I found my kam snaps in the closet under the stairs along with my rotary cutter and a bunch of other stuff I didn't notice was missing. DS "forgot" he put it all in there because someone was coming over and I asked him to clear off my treadle and the dinning room table. He's 10. I forgot at that age "clear it off" and "put it away correctly" are two different things!
My lastin is still missing.
Anyway... Here are the 11 snack bags with snaps (UFO) ! And the 14 momma cloth I made with scraps left over from making DD blankets, burp rags, and bibs before she was born. I was happy to have finished something this weekend!

Rdesonia: SO, I cut out 26 mama cloths last night (first time making them). I used bumgenius newborn inserts for the inside with a top layer of flannel (I typically use them for my periods so i thought why not!). Then I cut out a microfleece backing layer. My question to you or any of you have BTDT: Do I serge the part of the pad without wings first and then attach it to the backing? I saw a tutorial where the woman serged wingless pads together and then added two snaps on the back (going vertical) that snapped onto the fleece backing (so she'd change her pad, but not necessarily the backing)... have you all done it this way too? If not, how do you get the backing connected to all those layers without having raw edges? I feel so stupid right now, but my brain just can not think about it!
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