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Re: Jan. Farm/Homesteading Chat Thread

books, ok here it goes. I actually like to read fantasy novels, in them are of course magicians, elves, etc but it's old world style so everyone farms or owns an inn our is a soldier with bow and sword, I also like movies like that (ie robin hood with Russell Crowe). I love the idea of old world simple, but find myself battling modern day laziness for it (I love my washer, dish washer, vehicles and Sam's club).

when I was a freshman in hs we had a bad ice storm and was without power for 2 weeks (out of the predicted 4-6) and it was lug your own water cook on top of the woodstove huddle in the same bed, learn to curl your hair by holding it over a lantern, and I love camping so that to me was awesome.

other books that I use for inspiration are, back to basics, and 4season harvest (the latter by Elliott Coleman who lives only an hour or two from here and grows his food all year round, my 'local' co-op tired his property last year and I was so bummed I had to miss it).
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