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Re: Jan. Farm/Homesteading Chat Thread

I feel like a brand new woman! Baby J is sleeping! YAY! Sorry, it's just so nice...he slept until 6am today - the longest he has ever slept in his little 8 month life. Last week Wed night A came into my room and her ear still hurt in the morning and this was the second time in 2 weeks (the first time it went away by morning), so I brought the kids in to the Dr. before work. I suspected all of them may have one, as J wasn't sleeping well and K had been really lethargic on and off. It turns out that A and J had them, and finally after antibiotics since Friday J is sleeping like a champ!
RCB, thanks for the noodle recipe! We went into town for an "after Christmas" party on Saturday. My mother-in-law gave me some meals in a jar that she had made and forgotten to give on Christmas Eve - one of them was Beef and Noodles! This recipe calls for Ground Beef though. I doubt it will be as good as homemade noodles and pulled beef, but it'll be fun to compare.
I would be totally interested in the cow butchering info!
And I know you didn't ask me , but I need to get on the wagon for garden prep. I just want a general, good garden this year...Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Carrots, maybe some Onion and Potatoes...Green Beans and Snap Peas...I think that's maybe it. Although when I get to the garden store I often go haywire buying different plants (starting from seed is a goal of mine, but I think for next year. I tried it once and it was a bust.) so we'll see. I want to sketch out a layout this month for it. I worry because where my garden is, the soil gets very hard. So I don't think Potatoes and Carrots may do very well unless I make raised beds.
AFM...not much on the farm side, except chores, laying out the invisible fence wire (it came!), and getting this puppy to come when called. Swim lessons start this week, and the last puppy class is wednesday. I laid out our homeschooling lessons for the week, and wrote out a month calendar for HS and activities. A little late, but more organized than I have been in the past . I was going to start getting A up at 7:30 at the latest to do chores with me (generally the kids wake at 8) on my days off, before T goes to work. But at 7 this morning T got a medical call. And to think, I tried to be so organized. Oh, and I haven't posted pics of the mud room because while I thought it was done, it's not. When we went into town this past weekend we stopped by a salvage place, they demo area buildings and sell what they've torn out. Not necessarily for super cheap, but it's fun stuff! We got a 20' cherry picking ladder for the girls' loft. We'll use 9' of it for the loft, 7' for a ladder to hang above our washer and dryer for me to hang clothes off of (thank you, pinterest for the idea), and the rest we'll find a use of for sure. Then, we also found a 4'x5' wine rack thing...I'm not sure what it is, exactly! But it's a wooden box with diagonal wooden boxes in it, and I'm super excited to hang it above our church pew and put gloves, hats, etc. in it. So, after that is done, THEN I'll post pics! Well, gonna go wake up A and hang some laundry. T just returned, so I guess it's time to start the day!
Jesus lover wife to T . Mama to A (6) , K (4) , and J (1) , with another baby girl on the way (May) !
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