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Dh had one over a year ago. It was only a $40 copay so he was very happy to get it done. Especially since I can't do hormones.
Dr gave him a shot of Valium right before the procedure. They talked cars through the entire thing. Dh said it wasn't bad except for when dr burned the tube ends. Dh said that burned. And it did stink worse than burning hair. Dr gave dh numbing shots in each side before he poked the hole to keep pain down.
Dh said it felt like he was kicked there for a week or more. He tried to go back to work 2 days later but overdid it and got too sore. He has a physical job so he ended up staying home almost a week.
We didn't try anything for a couple of weeks. I was still post partum so we waited until I was ready and dh said it didn't feel great when all the cut parts tried to work. He had one swim count after and it was 0.
Dh wears underwear a lot more now. He said it feels like his boys are unsupported and sagging a lot more than before. Dr also recommended supportive underwear right after as well. It did help keep some discomfort down. And an ice pack is much recommended.
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